Contents Page Instructions:

” Store the product well closed in its original packaging in a dark, cool, dry place (not in the fridge).
” Bake the cake you want and cover it with a uniform and even frosting.
” Make sure your hands are clean and dry.
” Take the edible sheet out of its packaging. If you take a sheet out and do not use it immediately, close well.
” Peel the plastic slide away carefully.
” If you find it difficult to peel, put the sheet in the freezer for a minute (not more), and try to peel again.
” You can cut the edible sheet with scissors, without the slide.
” Place the edible sheet on the cake, printed side up.
” Align and press the image well onto the frosting, avoiding air pockets.
” To decorate, you can swirl frosting around the edges and/or embellish with candy.

” We recommend to place the image on the cake close to the event (between 1 and 3 hours before). The image will stay clear and sharp for an average of two days (longer on frozen cakes), then the colors will start to blur.
” Avoid any water from touching the print, as this will smear the printed colors.
” The images may be placed on most cake and frosting types, we recommend working with whipped cream (Pareve/Dairy), ganache or crème.
” The image takes about 4 hours to completely bind with the cake’s frosting (depending on humidity and fat levels in the frosting, the cake and the environment).
” In case the cake’s frosting is dry/hard, or if you wish to accelerate the dissolving process, you can spray a little water on the cake’s frosting before placing the image.

Good luck and enjoy!