Help in Designing an Edible Sheet:

Suggestion: We recommend using Google Chrome. If you feel the website is slow, we recommend refreshing by pressing F5. Gilro’s website enables you to design an edible sheet in an easy, fast, and simple way.

  1. Choose the shape you need and the sheet size you want.

  1. Add a personal photo or choose an image from the website’s collection (optional).

The chosen image is uploaded onto the designing and editing tool. Enlarging and shrinking of the chosen image is done by dragging the upper right button on the image’s frame, and to rotate the image, drag the middle right button. To move the image, press your mouse inside the designing frame and drag to the desired location.

  1. Design and edit a personal message (optional).
  • Write the desired message (text).
  • Choose the font, text size, contour, and italics.
  • You can choose several text groupings, type, release by pressing another category, and then choose text again.
  • To enlarge or shrink the chosen text, drag the lower right button of the text frame. Pressing the lower left button will rotate the text.
  • To move the text, press on your mouse inside the design frame and drag to the desired location.
  1. Add decorations, designers, editors and complete your order, and the designed sheet is on the way! The decoration elements are identical to the image elements.

Additional options:

  • You can upload more than one image, text or decoration onto the designing tool.
  • You can upload and order an image that was prepared and edited in advance on your own computer without using the website’s designing tool.
  • At any stage, you can return to or skip any designing step. For example, you can start with choosing a decoration, proceed to add text and then add an image; there is no need to follow a specific order, and at any time you may press on stage 4 to finish, and complete the order.
  • To the side of the designing window you will find several additional designing buttons: “Layers” enables you to place the chosen element over or under other elements appearing on the designing window. “Cancel” and “Restore” to the left of the design will enable you to cancel or restore the actions you have performed when using the different designing tools.
  • Magnifying Glass – You can see what you have designed – magnified.