How much does a printed sheet cost?

The price of an A4 (21-29 cm.) sheet is 39 ILS excluding delivery.

The price of an A5 (21/14.5 cm.) sheet is 29 ILS excluding delivery.


What are the shipment options and prices? How long do they take to reach the customer?

– There is a pick-up option at two centers:

Ramat Efal – by prior appointment by phone, pick-up at flexible hours, Uri Gelbard 054-7881301, ready in about 6 hours from the confirmed order.

Beit Shemesh – by prior appointment by phone, Gilro Ltd. factory, 21 Hayetzira Street, Western Industrial Zone, between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, collect at the factory’s desk, 02-5454820

– Registered Mail: 20 ILS, delivery within approximately 10 business days (usually less) to the nearest post office

– Courier delivery: to your door, 58 ILS, usually arrives overnight (to places far from the center of Israel – may take 2 business days)


Is the printed sheet Kosher? Is the ink Kosher?

Yes! The edible sheet is Kosher, and so is the ink manufactured by Gilro Ltd. under the supervision of Badatz – Beit Shemesh Chief Rabbinate. To display the Kosher Certification >


What is the edible sheet’s shelf-life?

The edible sheet is delivered in packaging that keeps it fresh, as long as its original packaging remains unopened, and it is best to keep it in the shade and away from sunlight. Its freshness and elasticity keep for a year. It is recommended to open and place the sheet only when the cake on which it shall be placed is ready, and as close as possible to the time of the event in which the cake is to be eaten.


Are gluten and lactose sensitive people allowed to eat the printed sugar sheets?

Yes, the edible sheet does not contain flour of any kind and is Kosher Pareve, so does not contain any milk or milk components.


Can I design the edible sheet myself?

Yes! Gilro’s website allows you to easily upload a personal photo or choose an image from an available collection, and add text, edit, place and design the edible sheet the way you want it.


Do I also buy the cake at Alma Cakes?

The Alma Cakes website only allows you to order the edible sheet. You can either bake the cake or purchase it.


How is the edible sheet delivered to me?

The edible sheet arrives in a sealed bag that keeps it fresh, and inside a closed envelope. It is packaged immediately after being printed and is sent by mail.


Is the edible sheet suitable for any cake?

The edible sheet can be placed on any cake with a cream frosting. Placing a sheet on the cake


Do I need to register on the website?

A customer that prints regularly (a member – pro) will need to enter a user name and identifying details, and in this way the system will retain his designs in memory. A customer visiting only once will need to provide details for payment.


Is the purchase on the website secure?

Your purchase on our website is secured by the world’s leading SSL protocol. The company does not keep any credit card details, and these are kept only at the credit card’s company’s clearing house after having fulfilled the security requirements of the credit card company.


Can I order by phone?

Definitely! Design, complete your order, and in the Payment Options choose “Phone Order”. A website representative will contact you (within two business days) in order to arrange for payment, then the order will be sent to the customer.