“Gilro” Bought Rights from Nickelodeon for Edible Prints and Cake Decorations

January 1st, 2018

As a first step, the Company bought the rights on three brands – Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, and Paw Patrol, and soon it intends to buy the rights on Sammy The Fireman and Thomas The Tank Engine as well, all of which shall be distributed in chains across The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg on cake sheets and icing packaging About a year ago, Gilro purchased a Dutch cake decorations company which enabled it to establish a production and marketing base focusing of cake decoration.

Israeli company Gilro, which specializes in the manufacture of ice cream cones, wafers and cake decorations, bought the rights to popular characters from Nickelodeon, for printing on sugar sheets and for branding other products in the cake decoration market. This very move turned Gilro from a sub-contractor manufacturing sugar prints and decorations for rights-owners in various countries around the world to a rights owner and manufacturer for brands in its own possession. As a first step, the company bought the copyrights on three brands: Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, and Paw Patrol. The company estimates that in 2018, Nickelodeon-brand printed sheets will sell at a financial scope of circa. One million Euros.

Nearly one year ago, Gilro deepened its activity in Europe and purchased a Dutch cake decorations company which manufactures and distributes printed edible sheets for cakes and a variety of cake-decoration and embellishment products under the Dutch CakeArt brand. The company is based in the port town of Harlingen and has an online ordering center. This purchase enables Gilro to establish an international production and marketing base in its emerging activity field of cake decoration. With this step, Gilro joins other Israeli companies that have chosen to establish a base in The Netherlands, such as Israel Chemicals (ICL), Electra and Strauss.

According to Avi Gelbard, owner and Managing Director of “Gilro”, the manufacturing process of these products is in full swing, and the CakeArt Dutch branch branded printed sheets are being put on the shelves of cake designers. “The rights were bought until 2020 and right now our work is focused on planning and designing a products line featuring the popular characters of the brands we bought. We estimate that we will achieve around 800 selling points in leading chains in the Benelux area (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg) within a couple of years.” According to Gelbard, after an initial launch of the printed sheets products, the company intends to launch cake decoration supplementary products, including sugar dough and icing tubes, which will be directly linked to the characters, creating a complete product kit around the same brand.

In the cake decoration field, Gilro is considered a world leader. The company markets sugar dough, edible cake decoration sheets, edible ink and a variety of supplementary products and sugar decoration. Products under this category are mainly sold abroad with only around 5% being sold to the Israeli confectioner market. Avi Gelbard explains that the aim of opening the factory in The Netherlands is to create a European activity center for Gilro, equivalent to the one in Israel. “Today, over 40% of Gilro’s factory’s produce is intended for export, and the activity in The Netherlands under the CakeArt brand consists of a logistical capacity step up, in order to be able to reach any place in the world. An operational and sales team of Gilro is relocating to The Netherlands, and soon all of the company’s products will be available for distribution at the new logistics center, which is, as mentioned, in an important and central European crossroads.”

Gilro is the leading ice cream cones, wafers, and edible cake and dessert prints manufacturer in Israel. The company was founded in 1950 and is privately owned by the Gelbard family. The company’s factory is located in the Beit Shemesh industrial zone and has 250 employees. Gilro manufactures ice cream cones and wafers for dozens of brands including Nestlé Ice Cream, McDonalds, Ossem, Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s, Feldman, and more. The company markets its products under the Alma brand, including gluten-free, sugar-free and organic products.

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