Israeli Company Gilro Chosen by Spanish Chain Mercadona as Exclusive Supplier of Edible Cake Prints

February 12th, 2018

Gilro will supply edible prints to Mercadona’s cake plant. Mercadona is considered the largest supermarket chain in Spain and Portugal with annual decorated cakes sales of 10 Million Euros • According to the agreement, Gilro will cooperate with Spanish company Dekora, copyright owner of edible sheets brands

Israeli company Gilro, which specializes in the manufacture of ice cream cones, wafers and cake decorations, signed a giant deal with Mercadona, the largest supermarket chain in Spain. According to the agreement, Gilro will supply the chain, considered the largest in Spain and Portugal, and consisting of circa. 1600 branches, with edible sheets and cake decorations for its cake factory which manufactures ready-made frozen cakes with prints with 10 Million Euros in annual sales. Gilro will manage its activity in Spain via CakeArt, a Dutch company which it owns.

The signing of the agreement constitutes for Gilro, which is regarded as a worldwide leader in cake decoration, an important share of its activity abroad. An additional company, Dekora a Spanish manufacturer and marketer of cake decorations widely known throughout Europe and a long-time client of Gilro which produces a variety of products for it, also takes part in this project. Dekora is the copyright owner of edible sheets brands in Spain and Portugal. The Mercadona cakes sold by the chain are considered very popular. They are frozen and are made of biscuit layers and chocolate cream and are decorated with edible sheets with different brand characters such as Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds, Minions, etc. printed on them.

The chain sold over one million ready-made cakes in 2016 for a price of circa. 10 Euros (circa. 50 ILS) each. Gilro’s edible sheets were chosen after a very detailed analysis by the chain, which included checking the sheet quality, the printing quality on it and the sheet’s behavior on the frozen cake.

According to Avi Gelbard, owner and Managing Director of “Gilro”, the company intends to copy the business engagement model it has with Mercadona to other supermarket chains in Europe and the United States. “We were chosen for this project due to Gilro’s edible sheets’ huge advantages over those of our competitors, and indeed, the cakes are being sold very successfully in the branches and activity is growing every year. We are now trying to duplicate the product’s concept and find additional clients that manufacture printed cakes for stores. In addition, we use the company in The Netherlands and copyright we have purchased lately, and we will consider manufacturing a printed cake for ourselves to be sold in stores in the future”, says Avi Gelbard.

Gilro is the leading ice cream cones, wafers, and edible cake and dessert prints manufacturer in Israel. The company was founded in 1950 and is privately owned by the Gelbard family. The company’s factory is located in the Beit Shemesh industrial zone and has 250 employees. Gilro manufactures ice cream cones and wafers for dozens of brands including Nestlé Ice Cream, McDonalds, Ossem, Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s, Feldman, Supersal Supermarket Chains and others. The company markets its products under the Alma brand, including gluten-free, sugar-free and organic products. In the field of cake decoration, Gilro is considered a world leader. The company markets sugar dough, edible cake decoration sheets, edible ink and a variety of supplementary products and sugar decoration. Products under this category are mainly sold abroad with only around 5% being sold to the Israeli confectioner market.

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