Website Terms and Conditions

General Terms

  1. This website’s operator, A.G. Gilro Ltd. (Hereinafter: “Gilro”), is pleased to provide you with an online service enabling fast and available access to purchase Gilro products, design edible sheets, and obtain products via delivery service, all through Gilro’s website (Hereinafter: “the website”), subject to your agreement to the following terms and conditions of use.
  2. Any use of the single masculine form is meant for ease of use alone and shall be construed as including both sexes in the singular as well as in plural forms.
  3. This is an internet website in which you can, among other operations, to purchase food products and design edible sheets marketed by Gilro.
  4. You are hereby required to read these terms and conditions of use carefully, as they consist of a binding agreement between you and Gilro. By ordering products and/or performing any operations on the website, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and that you agree and accept them in full.
  5. By surfing and/or using this website and the services offered in it, including making an order, you agree to these terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions of use, you are requested to refrain from making any use of the website.
  6. The service on the website is provided as is, free of implied representation or obligation, and so is all content presented in it. Even though Gilro makes every effort to present, on the website or through it, the most accurate and reliable information possible, Gilro is not and shall not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for the availability, truthfulness, correctness and/or accuracy of the content appearing on the website, and it shall not bear responsibility of any kind for direct or indirect damage caused to any party, including users, as a result, or in relation to its content. The user or anyone performing an operation on the website shall not have any claim or demand towards Gilro regarding the use of the website, its characteristics, its limitations, or its suitableness to his needs and requirements.
  7. Gilro reserves the right to change the website’s terms and conditions from time to time and according to its sole discretion.
  8. It is hereby clarified, that Gilro’s website is at present in the process of being reviewed and developed, therefore, and until development is concluded, there may be faults and disruptions while visiting and/or using the website. Gilro is working to improve the website and to solve any fault without delay.
  9. Product images shown on the website are for illustration purposes only and shall not bind Gilro nor anyone acting on its behalf.
  10. The user shall make use of the website, the data and the information for legal purposes only. It is prohibited to transfer to third parties any information generated through the website. The user hereby undertakes to refrain from spreading viruses or any other technological means that may damage and/or disrupt the website’s regular operation.
  11. Any question/request/inquiry regarding the use of this website and /or regarding an order can be directed to Gilro’s customer service via the website and/or by phone number 029914351/email:

Website Use

  1. Gilro shall be entitled to stop its service and/or cancel any order and/or prevent any use of the website by blocking a user, immediately and without prior notice, and without prejudice to any other right given to it according to the law, in any of the following cases, which do not constitute a comprehensive list:
  • The user performed an illegal action and/or infringed on the provisions of the law;
  • The user violated any of the website’s conditions of use;
  • The user provided incorrect and/or misleading information while registering and/or ordering and/or thereafter;
  • The user performed an action or omission that harms Gilro and/or the regular operation of the website and/or a third party;
  • In any case of an unusual and evident typo in the description of a product, be it the product’s price or its description, the customer may be notified by telephone and/or in writing to the email address he provided.

2. The user undertakes to compensate Gilro and release it from any responsibility in case a third party sues for violation of these terms of use and/or for violation of third party rights.

3. It is hereby clarified that when purchasing products on Gilro’s website, no wholesale purchase shall be permitted. Therefore, when making a purchase, the customer shall be allowed to order a reasonable amount of each product. The reasonableness of the amount shall be subject to Gilro’s sole discretion.

4. The website shall enable the user to access his personal area which may include details and information on him as follows: details of orders he has made on the website, orders status, delivery details and user information. The user may be asked to provide additional information according to the website’s requirements. Access to the personal user area on the website shall occur using the user’s email address together with a personal password which the user will choose in order to access the website. The user shall keep his password confidential. The user may need to update the password once in a while according to a request that shall appear on the system. The user shall be responsible for any use of the password that he provides the website with as well as for any damage caused by the use of the password by any unauthorized individual.

5. In addition, the website shall enable registration into it under a “Professional” category – intended for anyone in possession of an edible ink printer, edible ink and sugar sheets manufactured by Gilro, which shall enable the use of website software to design and print edible sheets. It is hereby stressed, that permission to use the website and the software under this category is given exclusively for printing sugar sheets manufactured only by Gilro. It is forbidden to use the website and/or the software under the “Professional” category to print edible sheets not manufactured by Gilro.

Terms of Sale

  1. Purchase of products through this website shall be allowed to individuals 18 years of age or older in possession of a valid credit card.
  2. Gilro shall be allowed to update, from time to time and subject to its discretion, the products’ supply and/or the products’ prices displayed and /or sold on the website without warning and/or prior notice. The valid price for the customer’s order shall be the price shown at the time of the order’s completion (after supplying the customer’s credit card details) and if these prices were updated before the order’s completion, the customer and/or user shall be charged according to the updated prices.
  3. Payment for product orders shall be made in advance using a valid credit card only.
  4. After the customer has completed the order, and after his credit card details have been verified and the credit card company has issued its approval, the customer shall be sent an order confirmation.
  5. Gilro or anyone on its behalf may request at any time additional information or references (such as presentation of an ID card) regarding the customer and/or the owner of the credit card used to make the order, including for the identification and/or signature of the credit card owner on a voucher as a condition for the product’s supply.
  6. The prices displayed on the website include VAT.
  7. Minimum order sum – No orders under a minimum sum of 35 ILS shall be permitted. Subject to its sole discretion, Gilro may change the minimum order sum required from time to time.
  8. Products displayed on promotion shall be supplied for the promotion price subject to the promotion being in force at the time of the order’s completion and/or while stock lasts. To the best of Gilro’ knowledge, the products sold on the website are in stock, and sold-out products are removed from the website immediately. Nevertheless, it is hereby clarified that Gilro cannot make sure that a particular product is in stock or ensure inventory at all times, and this shall not be relied upon.

Supply/Delivery of Products

  1. The products shall be supplied via Israel Post delivery, courier service delivery or self-pickup, according to the customer’s choice at the time of the order. Delivery charges and conditions regarding each of the said options are detailed on the website.
  2. Self-pickup – The customer is given the option to pick up his order, by prior appointment only, at the following addresses:

    Ramat Gan (Ramat Efal), 20 Ha’almog Street – by prior telephone appointment – 054-7881301;

    At the Gilro plant’s offices in Beit Shemesh – 21 Ha’yetzira, Beit Shemesh, Western Industrial Area – Sunday to Thursday between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM by prior telephone appointment only – 02- 9914351.

  3. Deliveries – Gilro shall supply the products purchased on the website to an address in Israel and/or to a previously agreed pickup point provided at the time of the order and according to the delivery terms indicated on the product’s or service’s sale sheet.
  4. Only an order confirmation received by the customer’s email which includes the relevant order’s details, including the order number, the customer’s details, and the order details, shall constitute a receipt confirmation of the order by Gilro. The order completion time shall be deemed as the order confirmation time by all of the following cumulatively: (a) confirmation from the customer’s credit card company; (b) confirmation by Gilro (Hereinafter: “the determining date”), and all relevant times, including for the determination of the delivery time, shall be counted as of the determining date only. Delays by the customer shall be under his sole responsibility, according to the provisions of article 43 of the Contracts Law (General Section), 5733 – 1973.
  5. The customer shall add to the order delivery fees as detailed on the website.
  6. The delivery fees detailed on the website do not include unusual transport including haulage to a high floor (third floor and up in a building with no elevator) and/or transportation that requires special means in order to bring the product into the customer’s home. The customer shall bear the full cost of any unusual transportation as above, if applicable.
  7. Delivery of products to the customer’s home via courier service or the Post Office shall be subject to the terms of the delivery service or the Post Office (accordingly) and subject to their distribution areas. Delivery to limited regions: Regarding delivery to security limited-access areas as shall be determined by the Security Forces and/or Enforcement Agencies, Gilro shall have the right to deliver the products to the client at a customary nearby location to be agreed upon in advance. It is hereby clarified that in certain localities the Post Office courier service reaches the Post Office nearest to the customer’s home.
  8. Delivery via Israel Post shall take up to 15 business days to the Post Office nearest to the customer’s home. Delivery via courier shall take up to 2 business days.
  9. Delays and late delivery – Gilro or anyone on its behalf shall not be responsible towards the customer for any late delivery up to 7 business days from the date the customer gave notification of the delay in receiving the product or service. Notification of delay shall be provided to Gilro by the customer within a reasonable period, and in any case no later than 72 hours after the original expected delivery time. If the customer does not notify Gilro of a delay in receiving the product within a reasonable period after the initial scheduled delivery time, the customer shall be deemed to have received the product. The customer hereby waives any claim and/or demand of any kind towards Gilro for non-delivery of said product and/or its late delivery as above.
  10. In any case of delivery to a previously agreed address where you are not present, you hereby agree for the product to be delivered to whoever is present at that time or for the delivery to be left next to the address’ door if no one is present. In such case, the responsibility for the freshness of the products and their expiration date shall be yours alone. Gilro shall not be responsible for any loss, spoilage, breakage or defect caused by leaving the products next to your door.

Returns and Cancellations Policy

  1. The customer shall inspect the contents of the products delivered to him at the time of their receipt and shall compare them to the order, as well as to the receipt he shall be given on delivery.
  2. In any case of discrepancy discovered during inspection as above, or in any other case of customer dissatisfaction with the delivered products, the customer shall notify Customer Service within 24 hours from the time of delivery. Customer Service shall coordinate with the customer the replacement/return of the product/s and/or the customer’s money debit/credit as applicable, and to the extent required by law.
  3. The customer shall have the right to cancel a product purchase made for more than 50 ILS of non-perishable merchandise and/or of non-made-to-order merchandise according to the customer’s requirements within 14 days from their delivery or up to 10 days before the product’s expiration date, the earlier of the two.
  4. The return of products as above shall not be allowed if the customer opened the product’s packaging, used it, or consumed it, unless the product was spoiled. In any case, product return or replacement shall be subject and according to the provisions of the law, including the Ministry of Health’s guidelines.
  5. Edible sheets products shall not be returned (as they are made-to-order products).
  6. Gilro shall have the right to charge the customer 5% of the transaction price or 100 ILS, the lower of the two, as long as the return did not stem from a product defect or spoilage.
  7. Cancellation/change of any order can be made on the website or via telephone to Customer Service.
  8. It is underlined that the right of the customer to return products and to cancel a purchase shall be exclusively subject and according to the provisions of the law.

Data Security

  1. The user declares that he is aware that using the internet might expose him to risks related to the use of communication networks, including unauthorized actions. Gilro uses SSL standard internet information security measures, as well as updates and improves security measures from time to time in order to protect information, nevertheless, Gilro cannot ensure complete protection against intrusion to its computers, information disclosure or disruptions and disturbances in the operation of the website. In any case that in spite of Gilro’s security measures, a third party succeeds in penetrating the site’s information, the user releases Gilro from any responsibility regarding the use of the website and/or the user’s information gathered due to website use.
  2. You undertake not to perform any operation intended to unlawfully penetrate Gilro’s computers and Gilro’s website, scan for website access routes or breaches, break the security or encryption systems that protect the website and the information in it or help in any of the above actions.
  3. Gilro shall not be responsible for the disclosure of your user information or any misuse of it as a result of you not keeping your username and password confidential or of you disclosing them to a third party or for you not updating your passwords frequently, as recommended in these circumstances.


  1. The use of this website involves the transfer of data and information, including the user’s personal details, via the internet, between the website and the user’s computer.
  2. The user/customer agrees for his information and the order details he shall enter into the website when ordering a product to be kept by the website and by Gilro’s systems. Gilro undertakes not to trade and/or sell and/or transfer to others for any use the user/customer’s information and/or the order details entered by the user/customer, except for the intended use for which the information was provided, and as detailed in this document and/or out of an obligation by law to provide the information.
  3. The user/customer shall notify Gilro immediately of any breach of his personal area on the website made without his consent as well as of any breach of his password.
  4. When making an order on the website, the user/customer expressly agrees in advance to receive notifications and/or messages and/or advertisements by fax and/or automatic dialing system and/or electronic message and/or SMS. In order to be removed from the message sending system as above, the user/customer shall contact Gilro’s Customer Service, as detailed in these terms of use.
  5. You hereby undertake to provide real, accurate, correct and full information on yourself when using the website and/or making an order, as requested on the website’s registration form. Also, you undertake to update the information you provided as needed in order to preserve its correctness and accuracy.

Intellectual Property

  1. All rights to the website including the content appearing in it belong to Gilro. The website contains material and content protected by copyright, trademark and additional intellectual property rights according to the laws of the State of Israel and international conventions of which Israel is a party.
  2. You are strictly forbidden to copy and/or publish and/or transmit and/or duplicate and/or change and/or sell and/or distribute and/or create derivative work from the website and/or any part of it including from the content appearing in it.
  3. It is hereby clarified that Gilro’s website (domain) and trademarks are the property of Gilro only and any use of them is forbidden other than making purchases in, and/or visiting, this website.
  4. The website and/or its content shall not be represented in any design or graphic interface differing from those appearing on the website.
  5. Any commercial use of the website, the data published in it, its database, the products and services listed in it, the services and software or any other details published in it shall be forbidden.
  6. The user undertakes not to infringe on the rights of third parties and/or of Gilro as well as not to breach this website’s terms of use. The user shall fully compensate Gilro for any damage and/or expense caused to it due to the infringement of its rights as well as the rights of any third party.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Any order made on the website, as well as these terms and conditions, shall be governed by Israeli law exclusively. The sole jurisdiction over any matter and disagreement stemming from the use of the website and these terms of use shall be given to the duly authorized Tel-Aviv Regional courts only.