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Chocolate Transfer Sheet

For printing on chocolate and meringues 24 sheets per envelope

Edible gel colors

Coloring gels for fondant and icing Available in 11 colors - Orange, green, blue, yellow, black, pink, red, purple, dark blue, brown

Edible Ink

Edible Ink, suitable for Cannon / Epson printers

Weight: 60 cc / 120 cc

Technical information: Catalog number: Yellow ink 60 cc bottle 121700025 Red ink 60 cc bottle 121700074 Blue ink 60 cc bottle 121700074 Black ink 60 cc bottle 121700076 Yellow ink 120 cc bottle 121700077 Red ink 120 cc bottle 121700078 Blue ink 120 cc bottle 121700079 Black ink 120 cc bottle 121700080

Edible ink cartridge

Ink cartridge, suitable for Cannon printers

Technical information: Catalog number: Thin black 121700048 Thick black 121700047 Red 121700045 Yellow 121700044 Blue 121700046

Kosher: Badatz Eda Haredit Jerusalem (Orthodox Council of Jerusalem)

Notes: Pareve

Edible numbers

In the package: Literature 0-9 + Star decorations and small circles.