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Edible numbers

In the package: Literature 0-9 + Star decorations and small circles.

Fondant for covering cakes 1kg

Packaging - 6 pcs per carton Available colours: black, white, green, blue, light blue, yellow, brown, orange, pink, red

Fondant for decorating and sculpting – 400g

Available in Colours: white, red, brown, yellow, green, blue, black, fuchsia, beige

Fondant for sculpting on cakes – 150 gr.

8 pcs per display Available in colours: black, white, green, light green, blue, beige, brown, fuchsia, orange, yellow 420 cartons per pallet

Gluten free chocolate wafer

Available in chocolate and lemon flavors

Gluten free rolled cone

Catalog Number: 100200007

Gluten Free, Kosher for Passover Rolled Cones

Weight: 11 gr

Number of units per package: 420/483

Angle: 22 degrees, height 110 mm, outer diameter 48 mm.

Contains: Soy

Free From: No animal ingredients, gluten free

May contain (allergens): hazelnuts, coconut

Kosher: Rabbinate Beit Shemesh, Badatz Eda HaCharedit Jerusalem for weekdays