All our products are available for private label branding pending packaging and production quantities.

Yes we have our own in-house technological department for developing new products with customers.

Icing sheets, edible ink, coloring gels, coloring icing and edible markers are all produced in their own departments with ingredients that do not have allergens however, the departments are not checked for allergen presence.

All the ingredients used for producing the cake decorating products including icing sheets and sugar paste are gluten free however, no tests are carried out for the presence of gluten.

The allergens present on production floor are hazelnuts, coconut, soya and gluten

Gilro produces different types of sugar paste. All contain sulphites as a carry over.

The sugar paste for covering cakes has fish gelatin as declared on the packaging and the other sugar paste also refers to this.

There is no sugar in the ingredients of the wafer and the line is cleaned from sugar. However, we do not have any certification from the Diabetes Union.

There are 2 different types of sugar paste

There is sugar paste for covering cakes which is for rolling out and covering on cakes. This dough is durable and can last in the fridge (it has fish gelatin). The other type is sugar paste for sculpting and decorating cakes – This is a flexible dough without gelatin that is great for sculpting images and very easy to work with.

All products with “Alma” label are under the supervision of Badatz Eidah Haredit Pareve. Products that are kosher for Passover with “Alma” label are kosher certified by Rabbanut Beit Shemesh (Badatz for all days except Passover). We also have OU certification.

Tightly closed in a cool and shady place, not in the fridge.

It is possible to keep a cake covered in sugar paste in the fridge only if it has been covered with the sugar paste type “for covering cakes”

It is recommended to put a fat base layer on the cake such as chocolate spread but if using sugar paste for “covering cakes” it is also possible to spread a layer of cream.

If the cake has cream on it, the icing sheets will last up to two hours. If the cake has a fat based layer on it (such as chocolate spread etc) the cake will last longer.

Place in oven for two minutes, temperature 100 degrees

We ship all over the world and we have a warehouse distribution in Harlingen, Amsterdam. It is possible to receive deliveries from that location.