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Avi Gelbard Owner

Gilro is a prominent leader in the baked product industry with 17 different production lines for the manufacture of ice cream cones, wafers, wafer rolls and other baked products. The production floor is fully automated and computer controlled with the most innovate technology in the field. We are constantly improving our capabilities in line with our customer's demands.

In accommodating and serving the global trend, Gilro invested great efforts in adjusting the factory to enable production of gluten free, organic and sugar free products and all our products are available today in one or more of these versions. We have the ability to offer a wide range of flat and round filled wafers.

Our ice cream cones are distributed to ice cream manufacturers (Unilever, Nestle, etc.), retailers, ice cream parlors, ice cream outlets in restaurants (McDonald’s, Hagen Dazs, etc.), and to home consumers through private labels (Osem, Alma, etc.).

In June 2006, Gilro installed a new department known as U-Grafix carrying a fresh concept in the cake decoration field. U-Grafix holds a unique technology of producing edible paper and edible ink for printing and decorating cakes.

The successful combination of high tech production capabilities offered by Gilro and a unique idea offered by U-grafix has made “U-Grafix” a world known brand amongst international cake decoration distributors. The brand has now ceased to exist as Gilro boasts international recognition in the field of producing edible icing sheets.

We now offer a full range of cake decorating products to complement our icing sheets, such as edible ink, chocolate transfer sheets, fondant, icing gels, coloring gels and more.

Our products are known for their fine taste and quality packing. We are kosher with the approval of the Ultra-orthodox Religious Court of Jerusalem. We are also vegan and dairy free!!

The factory’s departments provide for regular activity without faults, excellent quality and on time deliveries.

The entire system is ISO, HACCP and GMP compliant.

Gilro is a member of the PLMA (private label manufacturers association) international group and manufactures private label products for most foodstuff companies in Israel as well as selected distributors worldwide. We have significantly increased our export activity in the past few years and consistently continue to do so each year.